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While We Still Have Time

In spite of the grimness of the times in which we live, there is still hope. If you feel, like I do, that the usual discourse about matters of critical concern tends to be superficial, misguided, and false, then you might find some solace and inspiration here. I will try to offer insight and a holistic perspective on events and issues, and hopefully serve as a catalyst for raising the level of dialogue on this planet.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Humpty Dumpty is about to have a great fall

Look at me! I'm the greatest!In exploring the likelihood that the bombing of the Askiriya mosque was done by an American-British-Israeli "black ops" group, I thought back to the various democratic, distributive, decentralized governments our CIA has overthrown over the decades since I was born. What was so bad, I wonder, about Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán of Guatemala? What was so bad about Patrice Lumumba of Congo? What was so bad about Sukarno of Indonesia? Of Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia? Salvador Allende of Chile? Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran? Abdul Karim Qassim of Iraq, who, though not democratically elected, was a democrat in terms of his advocacy?

What was so bad about U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld?

What was so bad about the many other political and social leaders around the planet who have been murdered by either CIA operatives or by people they trained and armed, such as the death squads of Central America, especially in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras?

What was so bad about the many millions of ordinary people in countries around the world who have been "disappeared," tortured, murdered, and mutilated in actions sponsored by the CIA and other entities of the north of Mexico, south of Canada power and money elite? What was so bad about the people of Vietnam? According to former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency John Stockwell, six million people planetwide have been killed in CIA covert actions.

What these various "targets" had in common was that they did not submit to the dominance of the United States of America’s ruling elite. Many, if not most of the six million killed planetwide were just victims of circumstance - in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It invites visceral reaction from reptilian brain-dominated people to call the assassinations "U.S." sponsored. The CIA has always been a combination of intelligence gathering and covert, illegal, criminal actions done in furtherance of the purposes of the powerful moneyed elite of America. In other words, it has been a hit squad for a mafia. The well-being of the masses of people in the United States plays no role in their activities.

Some would say the CIA is a power unto itself, but it isn’t. No doubt there has been a lot of free-lance crime committed by CIA operatives, such as drug-running, gun-running, money laundering, murder, extortion, blackmail, probably some armed robbery, etc. But the agency serves its masters, and if it strays from that mission, it will be corrected or replaced. Any drug-running, gun-running, money laundering, murder, extortion, blackmail, probably some armed robbery, etc. done on a large scale is done to serve the interests of the ruling elite of the United States.

This is not likely to change any time soon because people are what they repeatedly do. If what you do is subversion, assassination, "black ops," drug-running, gun-running, labor union suppression, and political chicanery, then that becomes your operational expertise and institutional momentum. Doing something positive like solving the problems of Climate Change and pandemic disease control is not in the CIA’s area of expertise, interest, or mission. Expect more of what the CIA is "good" at.

So how does the rest of the planet go about solving the critical problems we all face? Is the CIA an all-powerful force for mischief? Is the ruling elite of the United States an all-powerful force for mischief and inhumanity? Is the situation hopeless? Are we doomed?

Hardly. For one thing, the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency, is an artifice, an entity that exists as a man-made abstraction. If a person joins "the agency," he or she joins a collection of other people who also have joined a collection of other people. The collection exists as long as people think it exists. So it is more an agreement than anything else. Of course, enough people agree that it exists that the joiners get paid, they get expense allowances, training, dirty deed assignments, and diplomatic "cover." But the root of it all is the collective fiction that the entity has a real existence.

What people around the planet need to recognize is that their real enemy is not the CIA, but the interests that it serves. These interests are not confined to the United States of America. The interests of the powerful money elites worldwide are the same. They are interested in themselves, in their wealth and power, and in having more, more, more, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! To serve the interests of the rich and powerful, any crime, any murder, any massacre, any poisoning of the Earth, any destruction of the ecosystem is not only acceptable, but sought, desired, praised, and mythologized. Especially in combination with religious zealotry, heinous acts attain a strange, honored status.

This is a form of mental illness. It can be called narcissism, conceit, arrogance, superiority complex, greed, callousness, compartmentalization, sociopathy, psychopathy, self-absorption, smugness, and hubris. Megalomania is another label. But whatever label we give the disease state of the rich and powerful, it is they whom the civilizationists among us must understand as the impediments to any kind of meaningful future. The rich themselves must also come to recognize that it is they who are the threat to all life on this planet.

But we cannot wait for the good will of the rich to save our future. We must find our own ways to change how the planet, in lieu of an actual benevolent leadership class, interacts with the human species. The unendowed masses of people of the planet must make the needed changes on our own.

How to do it? A perfect example is Iraq. We can be sure that the colonial powers, past and present, are not going to do anything that is good for the masses of people in that "country." So a solution has to be found without them. The Muslim nations of the world are plenty angry and humiliated about what has been done by the Bush crime family since September 11, 2001. They aren’t so happy about the way they are treated by the European nations either.

A conference of Muslim nations would be a good place to find a solution. If Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Bahrain, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, the African Muslim states, and the other Muslim countries could get together in a "Bretton Woods"-type conclave, a humane settlement of the Iraq debacle can be found. This conference would also include representatives from India, which contains the second largest Muslim population on the planet.

I can think of a few points that such a meeting would likely decide:

1. The United States of America and Great Britain will have no presence or control whatsoever of the land and people of "Iraq," if the country is actually to continue.

2. Whether the "country" of Iraq, created by the British, will continue in its present form is to be decided by a combination of the inhabitants of "Iraq" and the other countries involved.

3. The oil of "Iraq" will be controlled by the people who actually live there in a democratic manner, most particularly in an economically democratic manner.

4. Economic aid will be provided by the invaders, paying restitution for the invasion, destruction, lawlessness and occupation.

5. The military defense and establishment of law and order will be provided by the Muslim nations of the world until such time as the people of "Iraq" can adequately provide these protections for themselves.

6. The planners, perpetrators, and profiteers from the invasion and occupation of "Iraq" will be tried at an appropriate international tribunal, and the guilty punished according to international standards.

7. The participating nations and peoples in this conference will continue to work together to find solutions to other problems, such as the depletion of the oil supply, Global Warming, overpopulation, environmental destruction, and the overall cause, the narcissism of the rich and powerful.

There. That wasn’t too hard. A real conference might come up with some different results, but it’s not likely that they will decide to have the future of Iraq controlled by the Bush crime family. It is also not likely that Iraq’s future would include "U.S." military bases. Neither would it include having Iraq’s reconstruction controlled by Halliburton and Bechtel.

Like such a conference, intelligent, civilization-minded, decent people worldwide can come up with all kinds of ideas to save the planet, and find ways to work cooperatively. The links on the left side of this blog include some of the organizations that are already doing incredible things to save our planet and our species, as well as the many other species with whom we coexist. These groups are also interacting with each other in order to strengthen their effectiveness and synergize their efforts.

Along with this vital work, it is important to realize that the mafia of the rich has no answers, and as long as the dominant economic order on the planet is the Global Warming system, all life is threatened. At some point, maybe even this year, the reality of the mafia of the rich will become clear. Without a supporting ecosphere, economic activity will cease. At some point, maybe this year, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will not be able to put the Humpty Dumpty of the world economic-political-military order back together again. No Bush crime family or any other crime family is going to prevail, to be in power. They will not have the support network of a cooperating ecosystem. The mafia of the rich depends on Global Warming producing technology for its very life. No Global Warming economic system, no mafia of the rich.

So we shouldn’t be dismayed or cowed by the seeming power of the mafia of the rich and their various murders and destruction around the planet. They are not alchemists. They are not transcendent of consequences. They are just failed human beings, and their time of evil is coming to an end. With a little effort and good intentions, we should be able to save ourselves and our posterity in spite of them. Time is on our side.

Note to servants of the rich and powerful: You are welcome to join the great mass of humanity in our common efforts to heal the planet and create a liveable future. You can come in from the cold, so to speak, by turning evidence on the criminals you serve. Others have done it before you, and if you don't like the way they did it, you can use your creativity, sense of responsibility, and knowledge to do it your own way. No one should be left out of the great task that lies before us. The need is too great, and we are all in this together.


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