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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The game is afoot

Scott McClellanIt had to happen at some point. The fiasco that started with the stolen election of 2000 has turned into a hornet's nest.

Today it was revealed that Bush's former press secretary Scott McClellan is accusing Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby, and others of intentionally lying and misleading him and the public about the "outing" of CIA operative Valerie Plame. For the unaware, revealing the name of an intelligence agent is an act of treason. To have the president and the vice president to engage in such criminality is the kind of perfidy that rises to the level of capital crime. For the unaware, this is punishable by the death penalty. I favor life without parole at hard labor.

King AbdullahAlso, our chief "ally" in the Mideast, "Saudi Arabia," is showing its true colors, sentencing a rape victim to 200 lashes with a whip, presumably a cat o' nine tails. "Saudi Arabia" is also where Osama bin Laden and thirteen of the suspected September 11, 2001 hijackers called home.

Our national institutions - the Congress, the Judiciary, the mass media, the corporate elite - all have served to keep the Bush regime in power, and will likely do so until his term runs out, should he not declare martial law before then.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, proclaimed mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacksThese are the same national institutions that would have us believe that this guy is the "mastermind" who conceived, planned, and carried out the worst attacks on the "U.S." in its entire history - completely outsmarting the strongest, most technologically advanced security apparatus known to mankind.

Meanwhile, we have a "horse race" to determine who will be the next president. There's advertising money to be made, careers to be made, fame and fortune to be made, and distractions to be conjured up. So let's all go along with it, eh?

Except there's too much going on. Global warming is looming, the economy is in decline, gas prices are going up, the "wars" in "Iraq" and "Afghanistan" are quagmires, and now we have proof that the country is run by traitors. Actually, the proof has been there all along. We just have evidence from the inside now.

Our great national institutions may not want to put the minions of the Bush gang where they belong, but I think it's safe to say they would like to. Bush has become the national albatross around our collective necks. As long as George W. Bush is president, the whole world knows that its "only superpower" is run by criminals of the worst kind.

So, as the hornet's nest becomes more disturbed, maybe even more truth will come out. Maybe we will finally be embarrassed into bringing the Bush gang to justice. The game is afoot.

Here's a little light reading.

Always look on the bright side of life.


Blogger timroth1618 said...

While I definitely agree that the Bush administration played dirty tricks in the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson (it was no accident that her name ended up on the memo that Richard Armitage read from), I'm not sure if this book will be "smoking gun" for going directly after the top officials in the Bush administration.

Here's a portion of an MSNBC article that further muddies the water. Plus, I'm wondering if the somewhat vague excerpt release is just a trick to sell more books.

"Peter Osnos, the founder and editor-in-chief of Public Affairs Books, which is publishing McClellan's book in April, tells NBC from his Connecticut home that McCLellan, "Did not intend to suggest Bush lied to him."

Osnos says when McClellan went before the White House press corps in 2003 to publicly exonerate Libby and Rove, the problem was that his statement was not true. Osnos said the president told McClellan what "he thought to be the case." But, he says, McClellan believes, "the president didn't know it was not true."

Even more interesting is another quote from the publisher:
"After the excerpt caused buzz on Capitol Hill, McClellan's editor offered a clarification suggesting the former press secretary wasn't modeling himself after Speakes or Stephanopoulos. PublicAffairs Books editor Peter Osnos said McClellan didn't think Bush deceived anyone. Rather, Osnos said, Bush himself was misled by White House aides.

"He's not suggesting the president himself had lied," Osnos said, adding, "Scott's not a guy who's pursuing any sort of agenda or being vindictive."

1. "Publisher: McClellan doesn't believe Bush lied", MSNBC.com

2. "Aids Choose Royalties Over Loyalties", by Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press via Google News

11/25/2007 1:16 PM  
Blogger John Hamilton said...

Good comment. I tend not to get into the nit-picky little stuff about the era of the Bush criminal regime.

The term "dirty tricks" originated with "Dick Tuck," the "Democratic" operative who pulled pranks that frustrated the likes of Richard Nixon and others in the 50s and 60s. The term rises to the level of language laundering when applied to the Bush crime family, whose activities are felonies on a planetary scale. Dirty, for sure; tricks, hardly.

As far as McClellan is concerned, the denials are entirely predictable, pro forma gibberish that can be expected after any exposure of the Bush gang.

Bush, not knowing something he said is untrue? Even if this defense is truthful, it is the real last refuge of scoundrels. Bush is really a good guy, he just says false things told to him by others, like weapons of mass destruction in "Iraq." It doesn't say much for his competence, which will likely be his defense, should he be tried for his multitudinous crimes.

The demise of the Bush gang will not be due to any high principles of the "American" people being brought to bear, except as cover. Widespread human misery will bring them down. As the economy tanks, Global Warming gets worse, and the nastier aspects of the "war on terror" affect people's daily lives, Bush and his goodfellas will be the scapegoats, as well they should. The game is afoot.

11/26/2007 10:41 AM  

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