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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Disaster Politics

The power behind the throneOne of the curiosities of modern-day politics is how in the face of clear, blatant "Republican" criminality, especially in elections, "Democrats" say nothing. It is left to everyday citizens and interest groups to sound the alarm.

Today is a perfect example. I trust the polls that show President Obama winning reelection with relative ease. Nate Silver of the New York Times gives Obama an 90.9% likelihood of winning. However, as Thom Hartmann, Credo Action and others are shouting from the proverbial rooftops, the "Republicans" are stealing the election in Ohio, Florida, and likely other states.

I live in Wisconsin, where the governor ushered in a restrictive voter ID law last year. It has since been declared unconstitutional, but the "Republicans" have done everything they could to rig the election, from inundation of the airwaves with phony advertising to threats of prosecution of voters. They are also spreading innuendo about illegal voting by immigrants and other ineligible voters. They have been stymied in their efforts, not because of the "Democrats," but because the people won't put up with their shenanigans, and various groups like the League of Women Voters sue them on a regular basis.

Richard Milhous Nixon, multi-criminal presidentIn my experience the first criminal "Republican" at the presidential level was Richard Nixon. His greatest crime may have been his lie in 1968 that he had a "secret plan" to end the war in Vietnam, but the criminal syndrome we are most familiar with is the Watergate scandal. Lest we forget, the Watergate burglary was committed in order to gain information about "Democratic" party strategy in the 1972 presidential election. The "Republicans" were in great fear that George McGovern, the honorable candidate, might defeat Nixon.

It's all a barrel of laughsWe have come a long way since then. Reagan had his "October Surprise." Bush 41 had Willie Horton. Bush 43 had the Florida "recount" and the curious result in Ohio in 2004. For some reason it seems John McCain's candidacy was free of any decisive election chicanery. I suspect it was because the "political genius" Karl Rove was disinvolved in the race.

I believe the criminal nature of the "Republican" party is intrinsic, pathological, psychopathic and unrelenting. They REALLY want to have it all, to "win" every "election," no matter what it takes. The only question is why "Democrats" treat them as a legitimate opposing civic entity, different only in philosophy of government and constituency.

If they were to recognize this organization as inherently criminal and name it as such, we might be able to institute a genuine democracy. Especially in this time of economic decline and encroaching climate change, we don't have a whole lot of time to make the necessary changes. As long as a criminal organization is able to rig our elections we will be stuck in the status quo of inaction and skewing of reward to the already filthy rich.

If it turns out that Mitt Romney is able to "win" Florida and Ohio, and thus the "election," will the "Democrats" cry foul? Not if history is any lesson. Al Gore could have fought for a full recount in Florida in 2000, but instead gave in, eventually declaring George W. Bush as "my commander in chief." My commander in chief indeed. He lied us into one, maybe two wars, wrecked the economy, and instituted domestic spying, among other crimes. John Kerry could have asked for a paper ballot recount in Ohio in 2004, but gave up immediately.

What will Obama do if he loses under questionable circumstances? Nothing. He's not that kind of fighter, and historical precedent indicates that something behind the scenes dictates that "Democrats" go along with "Republican" vote fraud. We may indeed be getting a new president tonight. It will be a disaster.


Here's some more election fraud info. This too.

For a more mainstream view, read here.

Political criminality fits within the larger context of Disaster Capitalism, outlined by Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine.

For a video on voting machine chicanery, click here.

For an example of how voting machines can be hacked, click here.

Here's some theme music. Here's some more.

Ahh, but we were warned decades ago.

Tea Party dementiaThen, of course, there's good old fashioned "American" avarice and stupidity. This is from Brookfield, Connecticut, courtesy of Salon.

Here's an interesting update from the New York Times. As in 2000, Karl Rove seems to have information about the election results that no one else has. If his understanding is that the fix was in, why did Obama win? I believe it was because the fix wasn't in enough. Obama won overwhelmingly in Ohio, and in areas where the vote totals couldn't be rigged. Will the Department of Justice finally investigate Karl Rove, and prosecute him if he is found to have committed crimes? Maybe. The president seems to be ready to clean up the voting process. This could be the start of something big.

Here's another update worth reading. Even "conservatives" are abandoning the "Republicans." Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute didn't touch on their criminality, but he does say their ideological rigidity and obstructionism is making them a marginalized party of rich "white" men and religious crackpots (my term, not his).

Karl Rove alibyingIn the realm of the surreal, Karl Rove is accusing Obama of voter suppression. This to me is proof not just of his attempted (and likely more successful than we will know) vote theft. It reminds me of the Bush criminal regime's hysterical reaction to the "911" attacks, ginning up two wars. To me this was always about deflecting attention away from their own active negligence before the attacks. Could Karl Rove have been the mastermind of this (so far) successful criminal scheme? Maybe we'll find out one of these days. I warned about the folly of invading "Afghansitan" in 2001, and tried in a number of ways to stop the invasion of "Iraq," unsuccessfully, as we know all-too-well.


November 9 update: It seems Karl Rove has fallen into disrepute with "Conservatives." Not for ethical reasons, but because he is a LOSER. Could it be that crime doesn't pay after all?

What are other LOSERS doing? This.

Here's another angry LOSER.

Idiot's delight Pat RobertsonDesperate much? Psychologists have been remiss in not calling this phenomenon what it is - mass psychosis. What someone might want to ask Pat Robertson is what he would like "Christians" to do. Does he advocate violent "revolution?" I wonder what these sore LOSERS will do next.

For a detailed explanation of how close we came to having the election stolen, click here. They will try again.

Here's another angle on election fakery.

For a little Karl Rove criminal history, click here.

David Letterman had some fun with the election results. He also referred to Karl Rove as a "tubby little weasel" who tried to frighten the electorate.


Update, November 11: Here's some info on Ohio's Secretary of State. I suspect he will not be able to carry out his plans for the next election. We have had enough.

Bart Simpson doing detentionEven the Simpsons had something to say about Karl Rove, world criminal.


For some background on how our electoral system got so corrupt, click here. Of particular note is that BOTH political "parties" are complicit in this criminal institution, and neither has any intention on changing it. They cherish their status and comfort too much.

December 8 update: This reappeared on the Web for some reason.


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