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In spite of the grimness of the times in which we live, there is still hope. If you feel, like I do, that the usual discourse about matters of critical concern tends to be superficial, misguided, and false, then you might find some solace and inspiration here. I will try to offer insight and a holistic perspective on events and issues, and hopefully serve as a catalyst for raising the level of dialogue on this planet.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Strange Changes

Watch your backThe big news story today is President Obama's deal with "Iran," in which economic sanctions are tentatively eased in exchange for cooperation in reducing their nuclear program. It marks a break with "Israel," and most particularly with its bellicose and dangerous prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In response to a story on National Public Radio - President Obama Bets Big On Middle East Diplomacy - I offered this response, then posted it a few other places:
This changes the dynamic in the Mideast. I remember a few years ago Netanyahu was quoted as saying "Doesn't this guy get it?" in response to Obama favoring negotiations with one or another of Israel's enemies du jour. What Obama apparently didn't get was that American presidents are supposed to do the bidding of Netanyahu, and thus Israel.
Then Netanyahu proceeded to interfere with the U.S. elections, funneling money and propaganda to the Romney campaign. It is likely that neither Obama nor Kerry forgot this in their negotiations with Iran.

The politician in favor or disfavor in Israel depends on a number of factors, but it seems the main one is how effective that politician is in making the U.S. president bend to his will, to "get it."

Now we will see what happens to the Israeli prime minister when the U.S. president doesn't "get it" with full intention. So far all "BiBi" has is bluster, saying "historic mistake," "appeasement," etc. It's too late, too little, too hackneyed. Historic defeat is more accurate, and the defeat is all his. There are likely more to come.
This was inevitable. Our "leaders" may be avoiding REAL economic reform, and are hiding from action on climate change, but the day has finally come to put an end to "Israeli" domination of "U.S." foreign policy. It is a waste of resources, time, energy, and there is no longer any advantage in "getting it."

I wonder how many people in our foreign policy "establishment" realize this. It has been largely due to inertia that we have been giving them as much as $4.1 billion annually in "air," mostly military, adding up to over $118 billion since 1949.

Of course there are other aspects, like what it takes to become a member of the "foreign policy establishment" - something for another intrepid soul to write about. When I see them on TV shows like NewsHour, harumphing and blustering through "debates" and interviews, they just look like characters out of Central Casting.

When I heard about the deal on Sunday I found another reason for optimism, which I posted to this NPR story:
There aren't many pleasant surprises these days, but this one is much needed and is a true momentum-shifter. It signals two things. One is that we are no longer starting wars with people willy-nilly, just because we can.

The other, and equally significant, is that we are no longer allowing "Israel" and its dangerous, manipulative prime minister to control "American" foreign policy. He will have to try to generate hatred elsewhere.

Another thing this symbolizes is the beginning of Obama's lame duck era. He has nothing to lose anymore, and everything to gain by doing the right thing. I think we can look forward to more of this kind of thing. Maybe he'll lift the embargo on Cuba, close Guantanamo entirely, returning it to the country that it is part of.

Domestically, Obama could call for progressive taxation, a maximum income, a return to New Deal-type programs like the CCC and WPA, and taking REAL action to reverse the trend towards drastic global climate change. One can dream.
This may turn out to be Obama's legacy: a shift in Mideast policy. He has three years left in his term, and the "Republicans" are determined to destroy his presidency. He hasn't done such a bad job of destroying it himself. I of course would like to see him be successful as President. Maybe once he gets a taste of REAL statesmanship he'll do some other things, like close Guantanamo, quit killing innocent people with drones, get out of NATO, and stop spying on "Americans" willy-nilly, to say nothing of gratuitous foreigners. He also could get progressive taxation passed, a maximum income, move towards a steady-state economy, and finally start doing something about climate change. A man can dream.

This is slightly old news, but here's an example of how "Israel" views the "American" taxpayer.

Here's a brief history of Netanyahu's dire warnings about "Iran."

Sony blocks most original Bob Dylan songs on YouTube. This Bryan Ferry version of Bob Dylan's Dream will do.

Here's another dream song.

This is a song we should all face.

Here's a hopeful song. Joan Baez does a nice job in this version.


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