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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Performance enhancement

CNN's website reported that Barry Bonds hit home run number 755 yesterday, and invited readers to send comments, so I obliged, thusly:

It's not a big deal. Barry Bonds is a professional entertainer. He delivers on what he has been hired to do. He hasn't killed anyone, he hasn't deserted from the military, he hasn't lied a country into war, he hasn't spied on his fellow-man, he hasn't looked the other way when the country was about to be attacked, and he hasn't looked the other way when one of the world's great cities was destroyed.

He also hasn't kidnapped anyone, hasn't tortured anyone, hasn't falsely imprisoned anyone, hasn't corrupted our justice system, and hasn't stolen any elections. He hasn't ordered anyone to be executed.

He hasn't overseen the decay and neglect of our nation's infrastructure. He hasn't implemented tax cuts for the rich, while the poor and middle class are losing their jobs, health care, and homes.

So why do people hate Barry Bonds? Because they need someone to hate, and he suffices. If it weren't him, it would be someone else. As far as cheating goes, baseball players have been cheating since the game began. Ty Cobb used to sharpen his cleats so he could intimidate and injure other players when he slid into bases. Countless pitchers in the Hall of Fame "doctored" the ball with spit, dirt, oil, sandpaper, and anything else they could use to change the way the ball moved toward the batter.

If we, as a country, really care about high standards, our "president" would be removed from office and placed in a jail cell for the rest of his misspent life. Instead, he gets enabling, cover, and interference-running from our corporate news media, not the least of which is CNN.

Here's another take on performance ehhancement: Click

That wasn't the only sports-related issue I commented about in the past couple of days. The original article in Smirking Chimp is a better read, and where the sports relatedness occurs, but my comment to it is below:

Jumping the shark

Great stuff. I did my undergraduate work in St. Paul, about a mile from the bridge, of which I have no memory. It was completed the year I graduated, 1967.

Good will come of this. Though Bush has dared to show his face in the Twin Cities today, he is a pariah, and there will likely be some outward expression of his status among Minnesotans.

This may be the "tipping point" for Bush, where he has finally "jumped the shark." As a matter of natural law, it has to come sometime. Though the "Republican" governor of Minnesota bears the most direct responsibility, had Bush and his gang not redirected priorities, cut taxes, and invaded "Iraq," this bridge would very likely have been repaired or replaced.

The clear evidence from this latest episode is that "Republicans" are a threat to our public and personal safety. If you aren't bothered by their criminality, you just might be by their immediate threat to your continued existence on this planet in human form.
JAH | Aug 4 2007 - 11:45am |

Amazing, isn't it, how sports can relate to so many other things? As the sages say, everything is interconnected, so it shouldn't be a surprise. George W. Bush also took performance-enhancing drugs for much of his life, and maybe still does. The only problem with his performance-enhancement is that the drugs made him perform at a more enhanced level of being George W. Bush, to the entire planet's detriment.

I guess it all depends on who is being enhanced.

Here's a tune good for a little mood enhancement.


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