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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Union Solidarity at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Deputies for Democracy

Woman Teamster

Steamfitters Local 601

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America


To view the publication of the budget bill click here.

Here's a great example of solidarity.

Here's another.

For a list of Walker donors to boycott, click here. Strangely, two of them are unions. For other boycott information, click here.

To get a better idea of what Walker is up to, click here.

This video provides a curious connection between Walker, the M&I Bank, and a private security company.

This radio program is a must-listen. The know-nothing segment with "conservative" New York Times columnist David Brooks is revelatory. He pretends to be an academic researcher, but has done no research, just assumes his own truth with assertions of "probably." As "conservatives" continually show us, they have nothing (except money of course).

For a good history of debt in "America," click on any of these icons:
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For a little background on the "We're broke" talking point, click here. E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post adds this.

This analysis of public versus private is worth reading.

This, appearing in the New York Times, provides another historical perspective.

In response to this op-ed by UW Madison professor William Cronon "Republicans" have demanded his emails. The New York Times responded in this editorial on March 25.

New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman weighs in on the Cronon situation here.

For more perspective on how we got into this predicament, this article is a must-read.

This, from Glenn Greenwald in Salon, offers a good perspective on the Koch brothers.

Here's something interesting from across the pond. As over here, so over there. I'm so glad.

Here's a song to listen to while looking at the pictures. This Billy Bragg version is a rouser.

This song, from the Dropkick Murphys, may or may not have been performed at the Boston Rally for Wisconsin Labor Union Rights on February 22. Think of it metaphorically. A recording of the song was played at the Madison rally on February 22. Here they are in Milwaukee on February 25.

Here's a song by the Straw Dogs, also from Boston, performed right here in Madison last month. They also played outside.

Here's something from Bruce Springsteen. Here's the original Woody Guthrie version.

For some labor history, click here.

This song is good for getting some organizing energy going. Nonviolently, of course.

The singing is highly imperfect, but here's a union song from the Wisconsin State Capitol. There are some more songs on the sidebar.

This is what we need to do, not just for the next few months, but for many years to come. The Grateful Dead take it to another level in this version.

Here's one for my grandfather, a conductor for the Illinois Central Railroad, including this train.

Here's a few union links:

Wisconsin AFL-CIO

South Central Wisconsin Federation of Labor and affiliated unions

Dane County Deputy Sheriff's Association

Madison Professional Police Officers Association

International Association of Firefighters Local 311


Service Employees International Union-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals

Madison Teachers Incorporated

Wisconsin Education Association Council

Wisconsin State Employees Union

Here's some news.

This too.

And, of course, scandal.