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In spite of the grimness of the times in which we live, there is still hope. If you feel, like I do, that the usual discourse about matters of critical concern tends to be superficial, misguided, and false, then you might find some solace and inspiration here. I will try to offer insight and a holistic perspective on events and issues, and hopefully serve as a catalyst for raising the level of dialogue on this planet.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Disempowering the Bush crime family Disempowering the Bush crime family Disempowering the Bush crime family

The 'most powerful man on Earth,' according to materialistsI read a few "leftist" blogs and websites for information and analysis, and a couple of the best are "Another day in the empire" and "Empire Burlesque." The authors, Kurt Nimmo and Chris Floyd, offer hard to find facts, sharp analysis, and insightful observations. They both have keen understanding of the Bush crime family, but they focus on its nature as an ideological entity: that the gang is driven by a "fascist" vision of the future, with an authoritarian system that brutally controls the domestic population while fomenting imperial wars worldwide.

This is where we part company. As should be plainly obvious, George W. Bush, animal torturer, military deserter, drug and alcohol addict, corporate criminal, election thief, enabler (or worse) of the largest attack on United States soil in its history, liar, invader of weak countries, spreader of depleted uranium, human torturer, lawless detainer of foreign nationals, illegal spy on American citizens, negligent enabler of the country's worst natural disaster and its aftermath, and promoter of environmental destruction, has no "vision." He has no "ideology." He has no "beliefs," other than in his own power, privilege, wealth, and impunity. In other words, his "ideology" is his own ego.

The group of people who made him their "front man" are no better. Their "beliefs" are mere window dressing. Their "ideology" is dross. What they are, in essence, are criminals. Liars. Mass murderers. Thieves. Torturers. Cowards. For what they have planned and implemented for the planet, they qualify as some of the worst people in history. To anoint them with an "ideology" not only is inaccurate, but distracts from their true mission - criminality - and empowers them far beyond what their crimes should "merit."

Which brings up another area where I part company with these and other "leftists." Because they are ideologues themselves, they are limited to seeing the Bush crime family as ideologues. In a struggle of ideologies, they see the "neocons" as all-powerful, and the imperial plans of the Bush crime family as fait accompli.

This presumption of self-powerlessness extends relative to the forces of nature and, of course, to higher realities. One of the essences of "leftism" is "atheism," which literally means "without God." What it really should be called is "antitheism," against the existence of "God." At the root of the problem is a combination of arrogance and an extremely limited, materialistic conception of "God" as simply a very big, powerful "person." An old man in a white beard. It's a straw man argument: set up a definition of "God" in a very narrow, anthropomorphised way, and then "disprove" the existence of the limited being you have created.

In this simplistic view, a material entity like the Bush crime family would seem to have attained the level of "all-powerful," or omnipotence. Without realizing it, "leftists" are in fact "theists." Someone or something has to have a rank of "God," even to materialists. In lieu of recognizing that Divine experience is even possible, not to mention fairly commonplace, "leftists" have ceded the Divine to the evil among us. For that they should be scolded, ridiculed, shamed, and given a good share of the blame for the success of lawless operations like those of the Bush crime family.

I have said it many times before in this blog, and I say it again. No criminal operation, and especially this one, is going to take over the world. In the face of Climate Change, also known as Global Warming, the planet requires competence, integrity, decency, humility, and honesty. We either solve the pressing problems of environmental destruction, overpopulation, disease, the unsustainability of our economic system, and social decay or we go extinct as a species.

We do not have the option of passing this responsibility off to a criminal gang, though many of us would like to. A criminal gang is only capable of crime. Their grasp of "power" can only become increasingly painful for them as well as the rest of us, the longer they and we avoid facing the realities that are daily becoming more obvious.

Then there is Divine intervention, a touchy subject. Having experienced the Divine many times, I can easily trust His/Her/Its presence and participation. As Iris Dement put it, I can also let the mystery be, and trust that the intervention is not rare, but continuous, and manifests in both ordinary and astounding ways. It's hard for me to comprehend the cynicism and futility of "atheism."

So I recommend having faith, not giving up, taking "leftists" for what they are, making use of what they provide, thanking them for whatever service they perform, and moving on, doing our own work as we see fit to the best of our ability. The Bush crime family will not be with us much longer.


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